Angel = A

                                                                                                                                                                                 Luis   = L

 Let’s discuss Juries:


A: “Okay, so the basics is, Juries, the 12 men/women who are responsible for the conviction of the defendant. So what is your perspective on this? Do you believe 12 men/women should have the power of convicting someone or only one man/women (the Judge)?”

L: “Juries, because in total, juries in total have 24 eyes, 12 brains, and an infinite amount of ideas. However, with Judges there are only two eyes, 1 brain. With 24 eyes, 12 brains, and much more ideas with this you can catch a mistake and have much more ideas to go around. That is why I believe in Juries.”

A: “How did you come to this opinion? What influenced you to side with the jury?”

L: “I decide for Jury because if I were a criminal I would choose Juries over Judge, this supports my reason as above.”

A: “Have you ever been on jury duty?”

L: “Yes, twice for the same case. This case was about a guy, who had broken his leg from city property (NYC park). The man had went to trial to sue the city for his injured leg. Sadly, I was not selected for jury duty when I visited the court.”

Let’s discuss Criminal Justice


A: “Based on our U.S. Justice system, do you approve or disapprove? Specifically on how we sentence criminals in our country, do you believe it is too harsh or too mild?”

L: “I think it is pretty fair on how we charge our criminals. The reason I think it is fair is because the U.S. court tries its very best to find the truth and evidence. I also think they take their time with court cases.”

A: “If you had the power to change anything within the criminal justice system (law, imprisonment etc.) what would you like to change?”

L: *2 minutes later* “I would leave it the way it is…”

A: “If you were a criminal, let’s say you murdered a man for his wallet, and you were put on trial, would you feel like you deserve whatever punishment you are given or would you feel otherwise? Put yourself in the mindset of a criminal.”

L: “I believe what comes around, goes around. So yes I do believe that whatever punishment they give me, I would deserve it.”


“November 6th is the day we find out who will be running this country for the next four years. Best of luck…”

MY presidential candidate is Obama just as the majority of NYC. Here’s why: Obama supports, gay marriage, healthcare for those who need it, tax cuts to middle class families, abortion rights to all women and withdrawn most troops from Iraq. Obama may have a heart for America’s people but how about the United States Economy? Sure he’s made tax cuts to middle class and increased taxes on those making above $250,000 but is that all? Obama has almost all the ingredients to the recipe but he’s just missing one more ingredient… The economy, fix it.

Obama if I met you my question would be: The debt, the money we owe China, what you going to do about it? I’m not quite sure what his answer would be but it better be an answer that would make me feel better. In my opinion Obama does not seem to think long term on America’s issues. We will have another recession, we will have another war, and we will have a rise in poverty percentage. Fixing and breaking, this will be an ongoing cycle. However if we had that one solution to fix everything it would be great but truth is there is none. Every country has their flaws no country is perfect. So keep trying Obama till you get it right OR we choose someone else…



It’s not surprising that Northeastern United States is democratic…. As well as the one who gave birth to me. But what makes someone democratic? According to my mother, “CHANGE, if you like change your democratic, I am.” Democrats are often for change to create a better society. Whereas republican, not so much. Republicans choose not to change and have the idea that governments should have little interference with the wealthy.

I began to ask my mother about her personal opinions on politics such as, what she would do if she were in Obama’s position, how do politics affect her daily life, political issues that should be discussed and also her thoughts on Obama and Romney. Here are her thoughts. “If I were in Obama’s position I would lower taxes and make health care free for low income families. Oh and bring back all troops from Iraq & Afghanistan.” I then asked how politics has affected her daily life in a negative or positive way. “During Obama’s term he increased long-term unemployment from 12 months to 22 months. My mother is completely for Obama- obviously. 1 reason why Obama has her vote is because he cares for the people of the United States, he has provided healthcare for those not being able to afford it. Unfortunately Mitt Romney disapproves of free healthcare. I then proceeded to ask her definition of politics, here’s what she said, “Two parties try to show who provides the best for their country.” Not too inaccurate however I would revise it a bit… “Several parties try to show their best ideas for the country”. Maybe that’s what she meant. Here are her opinions on Obama and Romney, “Mitt Romney opposes Obama Care (negative point) and when Obama was elected deportation rates have increased (negative point).”

A topic widely discussed, in 2010 the U.S. alone spent $663.84 billion on the military. “The military pays the salaries, training, and health care of uniformed and civilian personnel, maintains arms, equipment and facilities, funds operations, and develops and buys new equipment”. (Wikipedia Military Budget) That’s a lot of bills to pay. Did you also know U.S. military also accepts immigrants? Why should someone from a different country come to the U.S. to serve? Maybe because it is the only way to earn citizenship while the government pays for their training, health care, and housing and don’t forget they also get paid for their service. We’ve also have nuclear missiles which is unnecessary not to mention expensive. How can we decrease the amount of money the government spends on the military?

Possible ideas:

  • Immigrants are not to enlist; Require citizenship
  • Budget cuts
  • Nuclear missiles GONE
  • Peace treaty with Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Bring back troops and U.S. property

1 reason why we are in Afghanistan is to help rebuild their country but really we should be rebuilding our own country, why owe china more money than it would take me to count my whole life. We spend 5 times more money on U.S. defense than china does. (CNNMoney) Mass destruction is not necessary but only seems to provoke other countries and see it as a threat. Possible budget cuts that are reasonable are, after retirement the military should not be supporting you unless you were wounded in war (healthcare). Another could be on buying military equipment from other countries and work on the resources we have in our own country.


My political belief would be a country of democracy, the reason for this is because during the 2008 election I began to get into depth with the election and since I believed Obama seemed like a good president and finding out he was democratic I thought, “Okay democracy’s good, Republican’s bad”. Democracy is my friend and Republican is my rival. It’s 2012 and an election is around the corner, Obama and Romney have had discussions on their view of how America should look like. Such as, healthcare, taxes and terrorism, these are main political issues but how about the least discussed issues? Let’s try the death penalty. The death penalty is not a popular subject that seems to be discussed during a political debate. Death penalty is more important than one might think, if you were to search up, “Death penalty upcoming executions” you would see an inmate who will be executed next week, one executed last week or maybe one who will be executed today. Those who are way up there like presidential candidates, congress and the government should discuss less on taxes because we all know that will not come to an end in The United States and speak more of the death penalty about costs, innocent inmates, and its controversy.

            If I had woke up one day and decided, “You know what I’m going to do some changing around in my neighborhood”. (Political wise of course) I would most likely forget the idea while brushing my teeth. I’m not an outgoing person, someone who gets out there and gets the work done, nope not me. However I do applaud those who do get out there and do what they believe is right. I’m more of the person who sits there and watches everything happen… I am The United States Audience – “Sit Back and Watch”.

            As of now the current NYC chancellor is Dennis M. Walcott and if I were to meet him and bring up one topic it would probably be free healthcare for all students till the age of 18 that seems fair. We get free metro cards so why not free healthcare? I’m not entirely sure why I would bring it up yet it seems to fit well, but if NYC high schools offers to supply students with free education why not thrown in some health insurance.